About us

La Bisbal Potters Association is open to all who have an interest in pottery. Our members include manufacture and supply companies, amateur and professional potters, collectors, teachers, and enthusiasts of pottery. We seek to promote, coordinate and intensify common efforts to better study, practice, improve the quality, and spread the ceramics.

We encourage, develop, contribute to reflections and dignify the ceramic activity from the Empordà County to explain who we are and represent. Our aim is to promote good craftsmanship, to encourage mutual co-operation and to exchange ideas and experiences in tackling pottery problems.


Our goal is to convey the passion and excitement of living ceramics in the county, national and international levels.

We aim to establish relationships with professional centers, national and international institutions as well as museums, where pottery is represented. We organize and promote technical seminars, conferences, trade fairs and similar activities that help to spread the ceramic activity.

From La Bisbal and thanks to its ceramics history, we want to support knowledge, study and research around pottery. We make our contributions from the Terracotta Museum, where we have our headquarters.

How to become a partner

Do you want to join us?

If your activity is related to the ceramics sector, you feel identified with our goals and want to associate, if you like the idea of promoting ceramics, wanted to be informed about exhibitions and fairs, and collaborate in events and other activities related to ceramics in Empordà , contact us and we will inform you.

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Terracotta Museum

Terracotta Museum dedicates an exhibition space in the area of Els Creadors, to the current ceramics of La Bisbal and its surroundings, which is a great success among visitors to the museum. This exhibition is renewed annually to disseminate the new ceramic creations of La Bisbal and region.