Partners Map

The first written record we have of the ceramic tradition in La Bisbal comes from 1511; this document refers to a kiln where pots are fired in. From then until now pottery has been present in the region.

In this map you can locate the workshops of our partners.

Chimneys Map

La Bisbal chimneys are one of the most significant traces in the urban landscape of La Bisbal. Today we have a whole amount of 20 preserved smokestacks that powered the ceramic kilns inverted flame. These pieces have an emblematic and heritage value to remember the industrial past of the town. In this map you can locate the chimneys of La Bisbal and surroundings.

Font: Masana, Rosa M.. «Les xemeneies de la Bisbal». El Drac, 42, 2000, pp. 17 – 27 .

Kiln map

In order to build a piece of work it was necessary to provide commodities. A kiln was built in a nearby area for firing bricks, tiles and other construction materials.

The brickyards of Les Gavarres and other Moorish tradition kilns stopped working when the inverted flame kilns were popularized. In few years, the industrial revolution mechanized the production of ceramic kilns and wood kilns soon disappeared.

In this map you can find traditional ceramic kilns.