New specific heading for small pottery workshops.

The Government of Catalonia has approved an administrative procedure and permits to process production activities of less than 10 tons.

Association Ceramics Bisbal, all we are very satisfied with the work done, and we want to thank the Bisbal d’Empordá city council for their efforts, both, political and technical, for making it possible. The Union between us is our strength, working together, we strengthen the capital of Ceramics.

Law 5/200 of Accompaniment of Budgets has modified Law 20/2009 of Prevention and environmental control of activities, creating a new production parameter to Annex III for the manufacture of ceramic products by baking, facilitating the administrative procedures to obtain municipal authorization for new artisan workshop facilities.

This modification, long claimed by the Association, has finally been understood by the administration and approved. This favors the installation of new small and medium artisan companies in and around Bisbal. Also the expansion or change of location of the current ones. The procedures are simpler and the costs are much lower.


This change in regulations is essential for the strategy of attracting and installing new ceramic artisans in La Bisbal de l’Empordá. An opportunity to strengthen the commercial place, to facilitate the installation of new shops-workshops and to be able to offer an artisan experience and get to know the Bisbal pottery up close.

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