Who are we

Ceramistes La Bisbal Association is the entity that groups supplier and manufacturing companies, professional and amateur ceramists, collectors, teachers and people who have ceramics as a common theme. Its main objective is to promote, coordinate and intensify joint efforts for the study, practice, quality improvement and dissemination of ceramics.

We also focus on encouraging, developing, creating opinion and publicizing the ceramic activity from the Empordà region to give meaning to who we are and represent: an Association with a desire to find common objectives to work together.


Our new goal is to share the passion and emotion of ceramics in our región and also at nacional and internacional level.

Establish relationships with professional centers, related institutions and associations, national and international as well as museums around the world, where ceramics are represented. Organize and promote seminars, technical conferences, congresses, fairs and similar activities that help the dissemination of ceramics.

From La Bisbal, and with the help of its ceramic history, we want to contribute to enriching knowledge, study and research from our headquarters in the Terracotta Museum by contributing our grain of sand.